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Weddings at Matangi Resort
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Hitting the beach to tie the knot is a great way to share the fun and adventure of an exotic vacation with a select group of your closest family and friends. Beach side weddings tend to be intimate and relaxed affairs, barefoot, fun and it doesn't stop with the reception!

Experience the thrill of daring adventure and romance with a destination wedding and honeymoon in the Fiji Islands.

Matangi Island Resort can customize your tropical wedding to perfection.

Have you ever dreamed about exchanging your marriage vows, hand in hand, with your toes in the sand, as the sun sets in a tropical paradise?

Matangi Island Resort is the ideal location for Fiji islands beach resort beach weddings. Enjoy a traditional Fijian wedding - Matangi Island style with one of our wedding travel packages.

Current Matangi wedding specials and wedding packages with details and prices available through South Seas Adventures:


The Wedding Ceremony

Matangi can arrange the entire special event for you, complete with wedding costumes, floral arrangements, wedding cake and refreshments. The resort can even provide a "father of the bride" if necessary. Read about Matangi Island Resort's Fiji Wedding Packages at the bottom of this page.

Matangi Island Resort is a dream-come-true wedding destination. Exchange your vows on the 240 acre tropical island, surrounded by a sparkling azure sea, Matangi's beautiful beaches and lush tropical vegetation highlighted by brilliant tropical flowers. Every moment will be unique and truly unforgettable.

Matangi weddings are usually held on the beach under an arch of tropical flowers at sunset. Matangi's wedding coordinator makes every effort to ensure the couple’s every wish is met.

"Our Wedding Day at Matangi was better than fairy tale perfect!  The morning of our wedding day, we awoke in our beautiful, cozy treehouse bure to the sound of lapping waves" continued...

The Matangi staff love having weddings!

Everyone leaves their regular jobs in order to prepare for the day's events. Flowers are especially picked from Matangi and the island of Qamea to prepare the bride's headdress and flower salusalus (leis). Local material, strips from the bark of a special tree, is used to construct these.

For the full traditional wedding, the costumes are prepared just hours before. Made of the bark of a Mulberry Tree, the tapa costumes are all raw fiber but soft enough to bend and shape. The tapa is decorated with traditional patterns of black, brown and white. The pattern symbolizes the region or part of Fiji where the tapa was made. Some of the more rare tapas are painted with different shades of soil and clay. There are no buttons or zippers. The groom wears two layers of tapa around his waist (2 separate strips) and the bride wears two layers around her waist and one layer around her bosom.

traditional fiji wedding at matangi island resort

While Matangi's costume experts are working their magic, the rest of the staff decorates the beach bure, where the ceremony takes place, as well as the dining room for the feast.

Natural decorations of coconut palms and home grown tropical flowers, such as hibiscus in a variety of colors and various varieties of the ginger plant, to name only a few, are used for the wedding. Inside the bar, John prepares the rum punch, wine and champagne. He sets up a table outside, near the beach bure, where he will serve drinks and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres from the kitchen.

The kitchen staff starts early with preparations for the special wedding feast.

At the top of the "to do" list is the scraping of fresh coconuts, as this is the main ingredient used in traditional Fijian cooking. The wedding dinner will be a traditional feast with a lovo, food that is prepared in coconut palms and banana leaves and cooked underground. The "lovo pit" is situated on the beachfront. Look for the direction where the smoke will be flowing - you can't miss it. The men will be there for most of the afternoon cutting firewood to heat the stones before the food is placed in the pit. In Fiji, it is tradition that women prepare the food but only the men cook it. A Wedding dinner at Matangi Island Resort will consist of lovo-cooked fish, lamb, pork and vegetables. A variety of seafood will also be served, including the popular "kodakoda" (marinated fish in coconut milk).

All this, and the wedding hasn't even started yet! The Minister is on his way from Taveuni Island, and so is the choir and meke group (traditional dance group). The Minister arrives at Matangi Island and meets with the bride and groom. Together, they prepare the marriage and discuss the wedding procedure. Oh! Don't forget the bride's maid and best man. It is normal for couples to ask either a member of staff or fellow guests to take this honor.

The bride and groom dress for the occasion.

If they are wearing the traditional tapa costumes, they will be assisted by two women. (Remember, the tapa has no zippers or buttons, so wear good undergarments) The bride and groom dress at different times or in different bures. The lali drum sounds to signify that the wedding is to begin. The groom awaits his bride at Matangi's beach bure, while two Fijian warriors escort the bride from her bure. She arrives and the ceremony starts with the choir singing hymns (in Fijian) throughout the ceremony.

Invitations can be prepared by the office staff and delivered to all Matangi Island Resort guests. (This is quite common).

A Matangi Island wedding becomes a cherished tropical memory. We will await your return for a romantic anniversary celebration.


The Wedding Reception

After the official wedding ceremony we continue with traditional champagne toasts to the newlyweds and then the real Fijian celebration begins.

John offers drinks to all wedding participants and spectators - and don't forget those scrumptious hors d'oeuvres! The meke group performs traditional dancing followed by a short break and dinner.


Fiji Islands Beach Wedding Packages

Matangi's Fiji Wedding Package Typically Includes:
(please check with us for current details & price)

  • Legal registration on Taveuni Island (not on weekends or public holidays)
  • Services of a Church Minister
  • On-site Wedding Coordinator
  • Decorated site
  • Floral leis for Bride, Groom & Witnesses
  • Floral head piece or hair flowers and bouquet for Bride
  • Beating of the lali drum to signify the commencement of the ceremony
  • Fijian choir
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine
  • Decorated cake (flavor of your choice)
  • Special Matangi Wedding gift
  • Private dinner in a romantic location

Optional Fiji Wedding Extras

Optional Wedding Items in Are:

  • Hire of traditional Fijian tapa costume for Bride and Groom
  • Hire of traditional Fijian tapa costume for Best Man and Bride’s Maid
  • Traditional Fijian leis with tapa (per lei)
  • Fijian escort warriors for bride
  • Flower girl
  • Traditional Fijian dance (Meke)
  • Spa package
  • Spa bridal package
  • Photographer

"It was a beautiful ceremony. A Fijian choir comprised of Matangi staff sang a few hymns in the Fiji language, as we walked along a braided palm with hibiscus lined aisle down to the beach. " continued...

Lisa & Bob


Renewal of Wedding Vows

Renewal of Vows Package Includes:
(please check with us for current details & price)

  • On-site wedding coordinator
  • Decorated site
  • Floral leis for Bride & Groom
  • Floral head piece or hair flowers and bouquet for Bride
  • Beating of the lali drum to signify the commencement of the ceremony
  • Fijian choir
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine
  • Special Matangi gift
  • Private dinner in a romantic location
  • The Optional Extras may be added to this package.


Fiji Marriage Requirements

Guidelines for legal requirements for getting married in Fiji:

  1. The marriage is legally accepted worldwide.
  2. A passport is required for legal registration.
  3. Divorce papers are essential if previously married.
  4. No minimum stay in Fiji required.
  5. You must be 21 years of age to get married otherwise parental consent is required.


Beach Wedding Dress?

What wedding gown is perfect with bare feet? Beach weddings are becoming very popular. Here are some websites that offer sample photos of beach wedding dresses:


Wedding Planning

Contact us to plan a wedding celebration for two or twenty. Matangi Private Island Resort - Fiji Islands hosts weddings frequently. We will help you sort out all the details, customizing your destination wedding in Fiji to your wishes. We can help with everything from air travel to the flower girl.

One of the top honeymoon accommodations in the South Pacific, Matangi's Honeymoon Treehouse Bures, very unique honeymoon suites located high in the trees - with romantic beds, outdoor river rock shower, private Jacuzzi and breathtaking views over Qamea and Taveuni Islands are very popular with honeymoon couples and couples renewing vows. Contact us for wedding and honeymoon reservations well in advance.

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